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HORTUS  141 (Spring 2022)

HORTUS 141 (Spring 2022)

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Hortus 141 (Spring 2022)
‘Tradescant’s Diary’: Hugh Johnson; Adam Ford: ‘Our Garden Birds, No. 9: The Swallo (Hirundo rustica); Alison Sparshatt: ‘Red Alert’; John Akeroyd: ‘The Glory of Bluebells’; Sukie Amory: ‘Trilliums: From Wake-robin to Stinking Willie’; Rod Madocks: ‘The Dreaming Earth: A Glimpse of a Writer’s Garden in Spring’; Tony Hufton: ‘Crowdourcing Snowdrops: Saintly Community Gardening in a Norwich Churchyard’; Peter Dale: ‘Our Garden Colours: Pink’; Marta McDowell: ‘Father of his Profession: Frederick Law Olmsted: A Two-Hundredth Anniversary Salute’; Naman Chaudhary: ‘Night and Day: Pai Bagh, a Garden near Delhi’; Charles Elliott: ‘Destruction’; Tom Petherick: ‘From the Home Patch’; Sam Llewellyn: ‘Digging with the Duchess: Glass’; Book Reviews: Sophie Piebenga on Gardens Under Big Skies: Reimagining Outdoor Space the Dutch Way by Noel Kingsbury; Tim Longville on In the Garden: Essays on Nature by various and Growing and Orwell’s Roses by Rebecca Solnit; . Index to HORTUS issues 137–140 (2021). Front Cover: Bluebells in a Favourtie Jug (oil on board by Andrew Douglas-Forbes, a Hortus commission).

Online Catalogue | BACK ISSUES |  HORTUS 141 (Spring 2022)

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