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HORTUS  79 (Autumn 2006)

HORTUS 79 (Autumn 2006)

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Noel KingsburyÍs Snippets Peter Dale ïIn an Irish Garden ButterstreamÍ Carolle Doyle ïInto AfricaÍ (Tatton ParkÍs educational work in Kenya Diana Ross interviews Christian Lamb, self confessed ïplantaholicÍ Anne Powell ïMiss Dorothy Higgins _ Willing to do AnythingÍ (from the First World War diaries of a Volutary Aid Detachment and Red Cross nurse, who made a garden) Tim Longville ïQuien Sabe? The Life and Work of Donald Curloss PeattieÍ Caradoc Doy ïThe Veitch Years ReviewedÍ Charles Elliott ïThe Maize MazeÍ Book Reviews Katie Campbell on ïThe Oxford Companion to the GardenÍ, edited by Patrick Taylor The EditorÍs Quarterly Book Bag (reviews of ïThe Gardens at HatfieldÍ by Sue Snell, ïGardens of The National Trust for ScotlandÍ by Francesca Greenoak, ïThe Garden at LevensÍ by Chris Crowder, ïCeanothusÍ by David Fross and Dieter Wilken, ïDaphnesÍ by Robin White, ïAlpine Plants of EuropeÍ by Jim Jermyn, ïHeucheras and HeucherellasÍ by Dan Heims and Grahame Ware, ïDogwoodsÍ by Paul Cappiello and Don Shadow, ïCrocosmia nd ChasmantheÍ by Peter Goldblatt, John Manning and Gary Dunlop, ïMore Papers from the Potting ShedÍ by Charles Elliott, and Food for Thought A Culinary Tour of the English GardenÍ by Simon Courtauld. Anne Jones blows the dust off ïThe VirginÍs Bower Clematis _ Climbing Kinds and Their Culture at Gravetye ManorÍ (1912) by Willliam Robinson.

Online Catalogue | BACK ISSUES |  HORTUS 79 (Autumn 2006)

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