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HORTUS  121 (Spring 2017) out of print

HORTUS 121 (Spring 2017) out of print

Price (not including postage) 10.50

'Tradescant's Diary': Hugh Johnson; Emma Inglis: 'Jolly and Bright…but Humble? The English Primrose'; Susie Pasley-Tyler: 'It's the Flowers! Spring at Coton Manor, Northamptonshire'; Fergus Garrett introduces a group of Great Dixter students writing about their favourite plant of the season: 'Great Students, Great Plants, Great Dixter'|; Ann and Charles Fraser: 'The Process is the Purpose: Sixty Years at Shepherd House, Inveresk'; Sophie Piebenga: 'An Eduring Edwardian: Greywalls, East Lothian, Scotland; Tim Longville: 'A Living and Barking Dog: The Garden at Little Durnford Manor'; Rosemary Lindsay: 'A Much-loved, Joyful, and Precious Refuge: Dalston Eastern Curve Garden'; Matt Collins: 'Less is More: The Thrill of Small Gardens'; Katie Campbell: 'The Garden Pavilions of Isfahan'; Peter Dale: 'The Tools of the Trade-Garden Implements: Part Four'; Katherine Swift: 'Circles Beyond Circles: Mirabel Osler Remembered'; Tom Petherick: 'From the Home Patch'; Sam Llewellyn: 'Digging with the Duchess: Come to the Hedge'; Book Reviews: Tim Longville on Another Green World: Encounters with a Scottish Arcadia by Alison Turnbull and Philip Hoare; Katherine Greenberg on Gardens For The Senses:The Spanish Gardens of Javier Mariátegui by Javier Mariátegui; Patricia Cleveland-Peck on Plant: Exploring the Botanical World by Phaidon editors with an introduction by James Compton; The Editor's Quarterly Book Bag: The Plant Lover's Guide to Hardy Geraniums by Robin Parer; The Plant Lover's Guide to Magnolias by Andrew Bunting; Kniphofia: The Complete Guide by Christopher Whitehouse; The London Garden Book A-Z by Abigail Willis; A History of Coton Manor and its Garden by Ann Benson; Private Gardens of the Mediterranean by Dane McDowell and photographer Vincent Motte; You Should Have Been Here Last Week by Tim Richardson; Index to HORTUS issues 117-120 (2016).

Online Catalogue | BACK ISSUES |  HORTUS 121 (Spring 2017) out of print

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